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Top 10 Sexiest (18+Adult) Web Series

Top 10 Sexiest (18+Adult) Web Series

The main reason for the rise in ‘mature content production’ is due to platforms like Alt Balaji, Viu, TVF, Netflix, etc. In India, There’s strict censorship for movies, but web series have all the freedom they want.

That’s why so many adult-centric web series are being made and doing very well. But there are many shows out there that just use nudity, sex, and cuss words to sell itself. So, I decided to do some research to find out a few adult web series with some good stories.

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1. Ragini MMS Return 2

The story has another level which is not possible to show on the silver screen. If you are a lover of scary and bold content, this is a must-see for you.

The film’s story revolves around Simran (Riya Sen) and Ragini (Karisma Sharma). The unconscious who testifies in an old deserted college is at the center of this story. Rushing behind the dreaded MMS CD, which unravels the thrills and dark mysteries, which both battle with the energy that surrounds them.

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2. Kavita Bhabhi – Adult Web Series

Amazingly seductive bhabhi fascinates people on the phone calls. She narrates makes out stories to the customers in a very romantic way and charges them with a good amount. Watch a tale full of tempting stories, Kavita Bhabhi.

3. Maya: Slave of her Desires

Vikram Bhatt’s Adult Web Series is full of bold and pornographic content. The web series starring Shama Sikander is available on Vikram’s YouTube channel VB on the web. You can not miss these web series to watch.

4. Mona Home Delivery

A story of a prostitute who encounters the hardships landing clients one night after the other. In order to gain more customers, Mona, the prostitute, decides to create an erotic video and use social media to spread it.

As assumed, the video goes viral and brings her incomparable fame and innumerable clients. The web series shows some of the hottest scenes, Indian web series Industry has ever produced. Also, the actress Kangana Sharma has given quite an erotic performance. Kangna’s hot performance carries on in web series like Thunder.

Witness the journey of the prostitute through Mona’s own eyes! Get ready for a hot movie that will shake your pants and confidence.

5.Gandi Baat – Adult Web Series

This bold web series of ALT Balaji is shocking s ** ual theme stories of Indian rural areas.Gandi Baat included in the top Hottest Indian web series

The Dirtier Talk has never ended! Dark Fantasies, the hidden desires of these sexually repressed men and women. Get ready for Season 4

6. XXX Uncensored

Two strangers on a car journey tell each other quirky sexual fantasy stories to kill time.

XXX Uncensored is ‘Gandi Baat’ without the desi element. The astounding success of Gandi Baat must have enticed Alt Balaji to create a similar kind of show.

With just one little twist to not make it look obvious. The story starts with Mayank who gives a lift to Kyra in his car. The two strangers start telling each other quirky sexual fantasy stories to kill time.

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The show ends up with both of them being in bed together for all the obvious reasons.

If you think, I gave away a spoiler in the end, who are we kidding here. Can you expect anything other than that to happen?

7. Oh! Mother

Saurav is a teenager who accidentally impregnates his girlfriend. What follows is his struggle to take charge of his life and own up to his mistakes.

Although this is an all Hindi list, I kinda liked this series and wanted to share it with you. Oh! Mother is a Bengali web series about a boy named Saurav who is fed up with women (his mom and girlfriend) dictating his life decisions.

The problem starts when he gets his girlfriend pregnant and now have to beg to his mother for help. The only person that back him is his friend Pablo and a Drug Dealer roommate EJ.

The whole series is funny and you’ll be laughing a lot. It’s also a ‘coming to an age’ kind of story where you can see Saurav owning up to his mistakes and taking charge of his life.

8. Hello Mini

Rivanah had a great life. A perfect family, job and loving boyfriend. But everything changes when someone starts stalking her.

Just the thought of someone always watching, can give creeps to anyone. In an attempt to highlight, the seriousness of stalking as a crime, MX Player came up with a bold series called ‘Hello Mini’.

In the web series, you see the perfect life of a girl getting ruined by a stalker. Rivanah Bannerjee is an independent girl who lives alone in Mumbai. She’s got a perfect life- caring parents, great job and a loving boyfriend. But then slowly everything starts to change, as she starts observing that someone has been following, monitoring her every move and trying to get control over her life.

Every moment of the story is a thrill and I was hooked to it all the way to the end. I highly recommend you give this series a shot.

9. Class of 2020

A group of teenage friends exploring the fun and struggles of entering adulthood.

After two years Alt Balaji released the sequel of ‘Class of 2017’ with a look-alike plot starring some recognizable faces from the Indian entertainment industry like Rohan Mehra and Chetna Pande.

The web series revolves around a bunch of schoolmates from De Nobel High School. Enjoying the last few years of their school life they had to deal with teenage problems, confusion in relationships, lustful desires, and drugs.

I have Included class of 2020 in the list but not its prequel because of one obvious reason, the adult content and boldness it possesses. Don’t miss this if you have already watched the Class of 2017.

10. Virgin Bhaskar

Bhaskar is an adult novelist in his mid 20’s who is struggling to find a partner and get laid.

SO far the best player in releasing adult web series in India, ALT Balaji, has gone a step ahead to combine an erotic story of a sexually repressed protagonist with some family entertainment and social messages.

The story revolves around Bhaskar, a 26-year-old guy who has serious talent when it comes to writing adult novels but the irony is that he is a virgin with tonnes of fantasies. It is a hilarious adult comedy with spices of love and conflicts.

I found the story losing its nerve towards the second half but the depiction of the unfulfilled sexual desires of the protagonist and how he struggles to hide his notorious side from his girlfriend kept me hooked till the end.

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